Growing up I was never really slim but I was always involved in physical activity.
I did Calisthenics from the age of 5 for 9 years and then went on to play netball for 6 years. When School finished and Uni started I stopped regular exercise but was good with my diet and worked in retail, which meant I was on my feet and still moving around so didn’t think about my weight.  After my completion from Uni and a return trip from overseas I started an office job and by this stage my weight had started to sneak up due to poor diet and lack of exercise. I tried gym after gym but gave up after a couple of months due to lack of confidence and lack of accountability.

By February 2009 I had reached 80kg. I was so lethargic and generally just miserable. I had a cupboard of clothes I couldn’t wear, bad skin and low self esteem. I decided that I had to do something. That’s when I met Jen.


Jen sat me down and discussed what I needed to change if I wanted to see results. Jen took a holistic approach to helping me, and accountability was the key principal she utilized in regards to exercise, diet and goal setting.  Her personal interest towards my goals and health, passion and encouragement was exactly what I needed! Jen was committed to helping me achieve my goals so I knew I had to do the same.

It was the fresh start I needed…I increased my training to two sessions a week and finally began filling out and bringing my food diary in every week. Jen provided advice on improvements I could make, encouraged me to attend Boot Camp every Saturday morning and do extra cardio in between my sessions with her. The better my food choices became and the more exercise I did, the more energy I had. I was excited to come to sessions and face new challenges that I never thought I could tackle. Jen has provided me with inspiration, motivation and always encourages me to keep at it, even If I have a bad week.

I have now lost 15kg and feel amazing.  Training with Jen has not only helped me achieve my weight loss, but given me a mental toughness and self belief that I can achieve anything. Jen has always said that failure is never an option- I finally believe her!!!

What I love best about Jen is the way she encourages and celebrates in your success. I still have goals to achieve and look forward to my training with Jen and Boot Camp every week!

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Jen is amazing. She has changed my life. There simply is no other way to put it.
There simply is no other way to put it.  From the moment we met in December 2010 we hit it off instantly.  She took the time to get to know the really significant details about my life: my husband’s work, my children’s names and schedules, and most importantly all the competing demands on my time.

I came to Jen as a very unhappy and unhealthy 90kg 36 year old mother of 3.  I could not run around the block without getting tired and had no confidence to get on a bike or even kick a footy around with my husband and 3 very active sons.  Quite simply, I had lost all confidence in my body and was totally disgusted with my physical appearance.  Being overweight was something I just gradually got used to during my child-bearing years, but when I could no longer walk up stairs at work without pausing to take a breath, I realised enough was enough.

After a thorough initial assessment in which Jen not only measured my dimensions and physical fitness, but also discussed the reasons why I had put on weight and why I had so much trouble losing it, Jen confided in me that she had previously been overweight and had already been through the journey I was about to undertake.  Immediately I felt reassured that here was someone who would understand what I was going through and who would not judge me for being ‘fat’.

In every session I trained with Jen, she pushed me further than I believed I could possibly go.  Running, cycling, weights, core strength work, all became exercises I eventually came to believe I could do – even though I couldn’t say I enjoyed them! We always laughed and chatted away, but most importantly we worked very hard.  After a few months training with Jen I even completed my first ever fun run – something I never thought possible before.  My sessions with Jen helped me cope with a stressful few months during the sale of our family home and the move to a new one, and an ongoing foot injury which she managed expertly – issues which would previously have been an excuse for me to sit on the couch eating chocolate and feeling sorry for myself.

Now, 10 months on I have lost 23 kilos, almost 30 cms off both my chest and waist, over 10 cms off each leg, and dropped from a size 16-18 to a size 10.  I feel amazing and have so much more confidence in every area of my life.  I now tell myself all the time that just because something is hard to do, does not mean I can’t do it.  I am astounded by how much better I physically cope with the demands of my busy life.  I’m not at my goal weight yet, but the difference is how motivated and equipped I am to get there.  And I still don’t love exercise, but I love that I can do it.

Most significantly, I have regained my self-belief.  I am a happy healthy beautiful strong woman just as I am, and I have Jen to thank for that.


If you are reading this you must be looking for a personal trainer.  I cannot recommend Jen Etchell highly enough – after all she saved my life!


You may think I am being over dramatic but please have a look at my before and after shots.  I promise you, they are 100% genuine.  I was a sitting duck for all those diseases you hear  about – diabetes, heart disease, etc.  I have had many family members (on both sides of my family) who not only have these diseases but they have unfortunately passed on because of these diseases.

I was carrying all my weight in the worst area possible - my stomach, my cholesterol was sky high and I was absolutely addicted to sugar.  It was nothing for me to sit down to eat a family block of chocolate, a 4 pack box of magnum ice creams and a 200g pack of Smith’s chips, in one sitting.  I had got to the point that I could not do up my own shoe laces.  I would wake up and my legs would creak.  I was a total mess.


One day my son, who was 5 years old at the time, looked up at me and asked ‘Mum why are all the mums like this - he then indicated a straight line with his hand and you are like this? With that he made a big D.  For some reason it was a light bulb moment.  I realised I had to do something.  I wanted to be around to watch this little boy grow up.  At the time, I could not keep up with my son.  I was tired all of the time.  I was not living my life, I was just existing. 

I will never really know how I built up the courage to contact Jen, however, it was the best thing I ever did.  Straight away she made me feel so comfortable.  I could tell she genuinely wanted to help me and she genuinely cared.  However, I was still resistant.  I remember I went to see her for a consultation on the Saturday morning and then first thing on the Monday morning she was on the phone to me – motivating me, encouraging me and telling me that I could do this.  I was worried about the financial side of such a commitment but then when I sat down and thought about it, I realised that the financial commitment was nothing as I was already spending a minimum of $25 a day on all the junk food I was eating.  I started thinking of it as an investment in my health.  Well I had tried everything else, so why not give one more thing ago.

It was the start of what I have always referred to as a love/hate relationship.  Jen brought out things in me that I never knew existed.  I think I am a lazy person by nature.  It was never in me to run or even move for that matter. I was never one of those sporty people.  But with Jen’s encouragement I started to take tiny steps.  Jen made me aware that I was much more capable than I had ever realised.  With Jen’s encouragement the weight started to come off.  I won’t say it was easy.  As boy Jen made me work hard.  But that is what I needed.  That is why I say it is a love/hate relationship.  She made me work my butt off.  I would look at her with puppy dog eyes and pray for the session to end, however, Jen knew more than I knew myself – she knew I could do it.  And although I can’t say I loved my training sessions, I started to absolutely love the results.  I began to feel 100% better, within myself.  I felt fit and healthy.  I was receiving compliments from everybody.  I was just a much better person, a much better mother – happier and more content. 

So here I am now.  At least 40 kilos lighter.  I say that because I don’t actually know what my starting weight was.  I know it was over 100 kilos and after that point I was just too scared to look.  Today I hover around 60 kilos – up and down a couple of kilos or so.  I still want to lose a couple more kilos but overall I am so happy with my achievement.  I now have so much energy.  I run every day for at least 5 km’s, many a weekend is spent riding my bike with my son 50 km’s or so.  My husband who had never exercised also runs now.  I have many friends who I have inspired.  I’m now a good role model for my son. I will never be able to thank Jen enough.  She really did change my life.  If a 45 year old lady who had been over weight for years and hadn’t exercised for years, can do this - you can too!  You just need a little bit of help and encouragement from my friend Jen!

Good luck!