Ignition Training

With Fuel Fitness you’ll hit the outdoors rain, hail or shine and put yourself to the test
with a 6 week, high intensity workout that’ll help you tone up, lose weight, boost your
fitness and give you all the tools to IGNITE WITHIN.
Tues, Thurs and Saturdays 6-7am
Places are limited to 12. Call now - 0448 004 981

Download our ‘Ignition’ latest flyer (PDF, 0.0B)

8 weeks / 3 days a week
- High Intensity / Intervals
- Outdoors
- Challenging
- Measurements

- Nutrition
- Max 12 people
- Weightloss / Lose Centimetres
- Increase Strength
- Improve Fitness

1 on 1 training outdoors

With 1 on 1 training the attention is completely on you with every session being designed around your goal with a food program to match. Whatever your goal is from weight loss to everyday health and fitnes , rehabilitation or those wanting to push the boundaries and ‘crank it up’ 1 on 1 Personal Training will help you achieve your results quicker.
What is more exciting is that I will be there supporting you
every step of the way.

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Fuel Group Training

At Fuel Fitness I like to work as a team.
Bring together a group of mates (2 or more) or your sporting team and motivate each other with a FUEL Session.  Let me re- ignite you to achieve both individual and team goals. Put some FUEL back into the tank with increased energy and fitness levels.

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Corporate Training & Health

Workout for a smarter, more proactive workplace.
Fuel Fitness tailors specifically to corporate groups. Bring the team together morning,
afternoon or evening in a local park or at the office to improve the health, fitness and
general morale of your employees. I will also look at posture and nutrition in the
workplace to ensure you and your employees are getting a holistic approach to both
physical and mental health.

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or call Jen on 0448 004 981