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Fuel Fitness launches on 1st November 2011

By Jen / Posted on October 1, 2011


What a journey it has been so far. If you asked me 6 months ago if I would be running my own business, the answer would have been NO. 

Over the last 10 years I have been fortunate to work with many different people in the Natural Health Industry and the Fitness Industry. I have gained so many invaluable tools, riden the highs and lows with them and taken so much that I can now apply with my own twist as I embark on a new chapter in my life. While I have always enjoyed working with others I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and make my business happen. With the overwhelming support of Nate (my beautiful soon to be husband), my family, my amazing group of friends and a change of scenery(now living in Geelong West) there is no time like the present. 

The thought of running my own business has always been there (going back a good 4-5 years) initially with thoughts to open a Natural Health Store but it wasn't until I moved into Personal Training that my vision became clear. I wanted a business that incorporates everything I believe in and takes a holistic approach to overall health. I think often we associate personal training with exercise and being smashed but that isn't always the case. We need an emphasis on nutrition and fuelling the body with the right nutrients to not only get through the stresses of everyday life but to enjoy and excel at them, hence Fuel Fitness was born.

Stay tuned as I turn this dream into reality. 

~ Jen

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