Thanks girls!!!

By Jen / Posted on November 11, 2011


Awww… I think I’m having a moment. Ok, I know I’m having a moment. You know the days that you sit back and take the time to reflect on the important people in your life.  While it goes without saying that I am truly blessed with the most amazing man in my life and a family and on any given day it is Nate this, Nate that, Mum, this, Mum that and patty (pretty lil twinie) this and that and you get where I am going with that; It is my friends that also deserve all of this. There are my sounding board for everything.

It leaves me speechless when I think about my girls and not only how much we have been through (anyone that knows us will know about OXFAM and our 100k run… yes you read it right) but how much we have formed a bond that is so unbreakable.  We have supported each other through so many highs and lows from breakups, to marriage, babies and really just the everyday stresses of life and not a day goes past that we can’t talk or communicate in one way or another. I guess I’m having this moment as I look at how flat out we all are and how easy it is to just push your phone aside and say”I’ll get back to them” and you never do as one thing piles up. Now I live in Geelong and I realise just how lucky I am that I am able to see them week in, week out. We all manage to find the time in one way or another. I love it!

It’s funny when I catch up with my girls… I’m sure I must look slightly if not very scattered at the moment. Please trust me girls… I am listening to you but, yes you are right I’m thinking about other things for the business at the same time(lol). Lucky for me, they understand and that is what I love about them. Their love, support and encouragement is overwhelming and I’m so grateful and appreciative of the chats, runs, coffee dates and of course pho (ohh… I love pho!).

Well that’s about it for me today. See you all soon and do me a favour…. That friend you’ve been meaning to get back to… Go out and DO IT! J


~ Jen

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Whoohoo - My gear is here!

By Jen / Posted on November 4, 2011


Ahh ... Finally my t-shirts and training gear have arrived and I’ll be the first to say they look HOT! I’m going to send a thankyou out to the guys at Precision Screenprinting in Geelong for helping me out with this. The response from family and friends has been great and yep you guessed it… I’ve branded them!!! 

~ Jen

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